BauSpawn Bubble Tip Anemone

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The BauSpawn Bubble Tip Anemones have been cultivated in captivity since 2011 by BauSpawn Farms. It has a deep red coloration that turns bright pink under intense lighting.

This Anemone was selected for cultivation due to its  ability to maintain coloration in harsh aquarium conditions

The BauSpawn Anemone can thrive under various lighting conditions. With moderate lighting (150-350 PAR) expect a deep red coloration throughout. Strong lighting (400+ PAR) the color will begin to turn pink as shown in 2nd .

Like most anemones moderate to high flow environments are best. However the BauSpawn is unique in that it can thrive in low flow conditions as well. Many of them in the culturing vats are receiving very low flow and do just fine.

Feeding is not required to sustain a healthy BauSpawn. They can get all the nutrition they need with any reef grade lighting. However feeding meaty small bits such as mysis or krill will speed the growth rate if so desired.