Qty of 4 Arctic T247-B LED

$ 699.00

Ships Free! You will receive a quantity of 4 T247b Led’s. Note these are drop shipped from manufacture. Arrival is typically 2-3 business days

The Arctic 120w LED is a powerful and reliable lighting system that produces a beautiful spectrum of light. With both Blue and White channels at the same percentage it creates a 20k look that mirrors the Radium Metal Halide bulb.

This model has a single power cord, independent blue/white on/off timer, digital display and remote control. Included in the box is two mounting options; Direct to tank variable width aluminum mounting arms and hanging hardware. Whatever your needs the mounting hardware is included.

1 year parts & labor USA Warranty.

All of Lazy's Coral House coral are grown under the Arctic LED. With the cost per watt, attractive low profile fixture, quiet operation, beautiful color coupled with the reliability, these lights can't be beat.