WWC Blueberry (see description)

$ 85.00

The WWC Blueberry is a stunning acropora with its dark blue, purple polyps, green and cream skin. You will receive a standard size frag from mother pictured 

there are a ton of fakes out there when googling wwc blueberry. Don’t be tempted with a less expensive look a like. This is the real deal!

Please note that the WWC Blueberry is for the advanced sps keeper. It is very susceptible to browning out. When I frag from the mother the new frag looks great for a couple weeks and then starts to brown out. It takes a good few months in the same spot to begin to regain its coloration. With this said please don’t expect to receive a fully colored up frag. It will likely have its blue/purple polyps however the skin will be a creamy or brown coloration