About Lazy's Coral House

Lazy's Coral House is an aquaculture business in Dayton Ohio specializing in captive grown live coral. It is a husband and wife operation that was established in 2015. (Brian and Sara). 

Where did the name Lazy's Coral House come from? Back in 1994 when I  was introduced to the internet it required a screen name /email. After 30 minutes of trying to come up with something that wasn't already taken I tried lazylivin. Sounded cool and was available. Over the years it stuck. Friends in the reef hobby started calling me Lazy for short.  


Lazys Corals House moved to its current location in 2018. It was built out to support shipping and on-site in house retail shopping. There are five main areas.

  • Main browsing area with 3 coral raceway tanks.
  • Lounge area for families to relax while there partners are shopping.
  • Packing and Checkout area.
  • Utility room that contains the facility utilities, equipment, sump and working propagation space.
  • Storage area for shipping and packing supplies

Covid Impact

In Feb 2020 when the pandemic hit, in house browsing was closed. Fortunately we had a good online presence at that time and were able to continue operation. Once things returned to normal we made the decision to stick with online only. With a closed facility it gave us more time to focus our attention on caring for the coral and providing top notch customer service which is very important to us.