Corals grown at Lazys.

This list contains all the Corals that I grow here at Lazys Coral house. Many WYSIWYG pics/prices can be seen by clicking here.  

The ones with the + by the name are not available because they are still in grow out.

Branching Monti and Acros

ASD Rainbow Millie

Aussie Candle Light/Highlighter

AV99 Orange Crush

AV99 Sky Parade

Bali Slimer

+BigR Candyland

Bioreef Green Goblin Anacropora

Bubblegum Digi

CC Disney Jr.

DFS Pink Panther

+Greg Hiller Blueberry Milli

Fox Flame

+JF Homewrecker

+JF Hateraid

JF Jolt

JF Red TNT Anacropora

JF Solar Flare

Lazys Blue Zing

Lazys True Blood

Lazy Day Dreamer

Lazy Silverback

LCH Reddit 

LCH ice Dragon

+Mattv Psycho Asylum

ORA Green Birdsnest

ORA Chips

ORA Bird of Paradise

ORA Pearlberry

ORA Purple Stylo

ORA Red Planet

ORA Purple Plasma

ORA Mint Pavona

ORA Skyline Granulosa

+Oregon Tort

Pinky the Bear

+PC Rainbow

PC Superman

+Pink Floyd

Princess peach

RR Angry Bird

RR USA Orange Passion

+RR Asia Orange Passion

RR Pink Cadillac

+RR Poison Ivy

+RR Asia OG Wolverine

RR Rainbow Splice

RR the Vinh

SC Orange Passion

+TCK Blast Wave 

TGC Cherry Bomb

TSA Firecracker

TSA Fruity Pebbles

+Tyree Pink Lemonade

Tyree Merlins Staff

UC Blueberry Shortcake

+Vivid Confetti

Vivid Rainbow Delight

Walt Disney

Windy City Rainbow

WWC Blueberry

+WWC Firebreather

WWC Somewhere Over the Rainbow



+Acid Reflux

Alien Anti-venom


Bow Tie Blasters


Blue Hornets

Blue Lagoon

Blue Kiss/Miami Vice

Cat Eyes extreme

Candy Apple Reds

RR Pink Diamonds

Fruit Loops

Goblins on Fire

God of War

GB Butt Kissers

Ice Armageddon

JF Bloodshot

KO Nightmare

LA Lakers

Lazy Lashes

LCH BAM BAM Extremes

Lazy Chrysanthemums 

Magicians (OG)

Mandarin Orange


Pink Zippers


Rainbow Infusion/Tyree Orange Rainbow

Red Hornets


SBB Marvin The Martian

Sunny D's



TSA Warp Drive

Vamps in Drag

Purple Monster

White Walkers



Ludachris Chalice

WWC Jellybean Chalice

CB Rainbow Crush Chalice

CB Fuego Chalice

JKR Confetti Cake Chalice

Flamethrower Chalice

Goku Chalice

CC Cloudberries

WWC Oblivion Chalice

JF My Miami

Miami hurricane

Bubble gum monster

Agent orange


Pink Boobie

OG 3g mummy eye

mummy eye

Red Watermelon

Sweet 16 Pink Watermelon




Crazy T Monti

Jedi Mind Trick

JF Applebeery

JF grafted

JF Vino

JF Kung Pao

JF Beach Bum

LPS, Favia, cypheatea etc

TCK Master Torch

Hellfire Torch

Indo Gold Torch

Aussie Gold Torch

Jeff’s Blue tip Jade Torch

Dragon Soul Torch

Blue Raven Blasto

Yellow Hammer (branching)

Orange Frogspawn (branching)

Gold Hammer (branching)

WWC Bizzaro

Dragon Soul Favia


Lazy WTF Favia

JF John Deere

Jingle-bell cyphestrea

WWC Raptor

JF Dayglo

JF jack o lantern

Krptonite Trumpets

ORA Red Gonipora

Hellfire Gonipora

Rainbow Gonipora

+Gold Gonipora

Yellow Banana Goniopora

Toxic Dump Gonipora

Meter Shower

Space Invader Pectinia

Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxea



WWC OG Bounce

Biohazard Bounce

Juggernaut Bounce

BSA Hulk Bounce

LZ Frozen Knockers

Neptune’s Bounce

Powerball Bounce

Sunkist Bounce

SBB Human Torch Bounce

Dragon Lady Bounce

CB Magic Carpet

CC Magic Carpet

LZ Firefly Rodactis

LZ Golden Goose Bounce

+Kryptonite Electus

Orange and Red Electus

Jf Raunchy Red Bounce

+Insanity bounce aka jersey bounce



Tyree Toadstool

+Weeping Willow Toadstool

Green Nepthea

Firecracker cloves