FAQ, Shipping & Contact Info

Lazy's Coral House is an aquaculture facility in South West Ohio specializing in colorful, hardy captive grown live coral. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions my preferred method of contact is Text Message. My name is Brian but you can call me Lazy 937-344-3956

Local Pickup

Same day curbside pickup is available daily from noon-9pm. Choose Local Pickup option at checkout to remove shipping costs. Pickup address is 4141 Coury ln. Dayton, Oh. 45424 

Inside Browsing

Lazys Coral House is closed to public

Shipping Cost

Shipping is a flat rate of $39. Orders greater than $375 ship free. If you already have an open order and are adding to it use the discount code AddtoOrder so the website does not double charge for shipping. If combined total of orders before shipping is $375. I will refund shipping charge from first order. 

Shipping Method All livestock ships via UPS, Next Day Air AM delivery. This is 10:30am or noon in rural areas. I pack your order at 6pm and drop it at my local UPS hub at 7:45pm. Corals are double bagged (6mil poly) and packed into a 2” thick solid EPS Foam coolers which sits inside of a corrugated box.

Shipping Schedule

Shipping occurs Monday - Thursday. Orders placed by 5pm eastern ship same day. Even after 5pm I can usually accommodate a same day shipping.


If reported delays due to inclement weather in the shipping route from Dayton, OH to you; I will contact you to work out a shipping date that gives the best chance for a on-time arrival.


If a loss occurs in shipping I have you covered. When I see other retailer’s that have a clause not to cover loss from shipping delays due to unforeseen circumstances  beyond your control, that is just crazy to me. A late package doesn’t mean there will be a loss. Due to the current shipping pressure on UPS and FedEx it is no longer uncommon for a package to arrive in the evening. Corals may arrive colder or warmer due to a delay and will need a bit of extra float time to come up to temperature.

The are 2 exceptions to guarantee.

1.) If you live in a hot state and order during a time when your temperatures are blazing 90-100 that is just to hot. Commonly shipments arrive well into afternoon with the current UPS/FedEx shipping pressure. Delivery trucks are not air conditioned. Extend duration at that temp can’t be sustained even with the quality 1.5” coolers I use. Cold packs only work on my side of the shipment and last a couple hours at room temp inside of a cooler. By the time it is in your city the cold pack is expired and temp will rise.  It is recommended to not ship during those temps. You can put in the notes on checkout to wait until a milder day to ship for which we will remain in contact.

 2.) During shipping blackout dates or if I recommend not shipping due to something significant impacting UPS. For example if I contact you recommending not shipping today for said reason and you choose to accept the risk and want me to go ahead and ship. I have no problem shipping but I can’t guarantee because there is a high probability of a delay.

Winter is not an issue, I can control cold with heat packs. If temps are down to teens I will contact you to pick a day that is better suited for shipping.

I am always open for a text message so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me before or after placing orders. 

Blackout Dates

From Thanksgiving to first Tuesday in January UPS and FedEx is completely overwhelmed. I do not recommend shipping during this time. If requested I will ship however can not offer the guarantee if package does not arrive next day.