LaZys Hybrid Blue Zing (one of a kind)

$ 49.00

The one and only Blue Zing. Check out this article on Reef Builders 

A few years ago I had a spawning event in my reef. A standard ORA green birdsnest and ORA Bird of Paradise cross pollinated and created this new morph that is  blue and  turquoise. I call it the Blue Zing.

You will receive a very nice size Blue Zing frag

If you don't have both the Green Birdsnest and Bird of Paradise I recommend purchasing those as well. All 3 of them can touch each other with no stinging. It makes for a great contrast. Especially when the Blue Zing is in prime color. 

  • Back - Blue Zing
  • Middle - ORA Green Birdsnest
  • Front - Bird of Paradise

Light: Medium
Flow Medium to High
Care Level Easy
If you have access to a PAR meter refer to Coral PAR chart here.
Shipping Information here

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Clinton Stanberry
Blue Zing!!!

This coral is so beautiful in person. So glad I ordered a piece of it. I can't wait until it grows out

Alvaro Quiros

I love your business the corals are amazing

Richard Vidal

Received a nice chunky piece of blue zing (mini colony) it's different and beautiful! Looks great next to my green birdsnest and birds of paradise. As always super healthy.