Yellow Gold Branching Frammer Coral

$ 99.00 $ 145.00

You will receive one of the fast growing yellow gold branching hammer/frogspawn heads in the center row. I call them hammer but sometimes they exhibit a hybrid look with both round and hammer like tips.  They are 1 head each although you may receive one that is actively splitting into a second or third head. These are top grade golds. I have not seen a yellow gold hammer that can beat the coloration or hardiness of these. Full size adult head get to 2.5” however as they split into multiple heads it will look like a single large head. 1 head will split and grow into 3-4 heads every 5-6 months. 
Like almost everything listed on the site this is fully aqua-cultured. It was purchased by a local reefer at the 2012 Ohio Reef Frag Swap. The local reefer cultured and distributed many heads here in Dayton and I was lucky enough to get a few. From those I have grown a good 100 heads over the past couple years. You can do the same with this hardy colorful hybrid hammer