Sexy Coral Orange Passion (See Description)

$ 145.00

The Sexy Corals Orange Passion is my favorite tenuis acro. It looks fantastic under white light or blue light. It’s very distinct and will not only look great on its own but will also make your existing Corals pop with the contrasting color

You will receive a standard size frag from the mother pictured

There is no wait, frags are  ready to ship. If this listing is active then I have frags ready for immediate same day or next day shipping depending on time of day order is placed.

Light: High- Very High
Flow High
Care Level Moderate
If you have access to a PAR meter refer to Coral PAR chart here.
Shipping Information here

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rogue Aquariums
Orange passion

I was amazed with the size of the frag as well as the color contrast once the coral just adjusted to my tank. 😊

Marco Martinez
SC Orange Passion

First frag I purchased from lazys and couldn’t be happier. The frags I purchased were not WYSIWYG but they were all quite large in size with a good amount of encrusting. The frags arrived healthy and so quickly! I ordered late in the day and the frags were here by the following morning. I highly recommend and plan to order again!

Michael Steinman
First time order

The frag of SC Orange Passion I received was fantastic. Quite large compared to others I was looking at and acclimated right away. I have already placed a second order from Lazy’s. I also received some free swag, which is a nice touch. Top notch frag and excellent packaging. Could not be happier with the experience

Hunter Sparks
All around good experience

I’ve ordered a few times from lazys and have always had very positive experiences. Prices are great, coral is healthy and generous size frags. Will continue shopping here!

Lida McAllister
Beautiful Substantial Frag

Growing well, fantastic color