Mattv Peter Pan Acropora (see description)

$ 85.00

The Mattv Peter Pan is hardy fast growing tenius acropora with bright blue tips and a hairy radioactive green skin and polyps. It is normally super fuzzy although the polyps are closed due to bumping the coral when I snapped the picture. 

You will receive a standard size frag from the mother pictured.

 If you wanted to create a contrasting trio like pictured. The back is a dfs pink panther, right yellow is a Pink Floyd and center is the Himalayan

There is no wait, frags are ship ready to go. If this listing is active then I have frags already healed ready for immediate same day or next day shipping depending on time of day order is placed.

This was previously called the SRC Himalayan however I have since learned from the source I purchased it is the Mattv Peter Pan


Customer Reviews

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Ben Bennett
Mattv Peter Pan

Great frag as always from Lazy’s. Great size and color. Also growing over the plug. Healthy and Happy!


Amazing frag. Absolutely gorgeous.

Love Lazys Coral House

I have purchased multiple corals from Brian and his service is impeccable! Corals are always in good shape, and nice chunky frags, can't recommend Lazys coral house enough!